You need a scientific expertise
to establish and explain
the causes of a loss ?

Experts in legal engineering since 1972, Les Consultants Coulombe, Juneau & Associés produce expertise reports to explain the causes in various losses or accidents.The experience and credibility of our specialists are essential to the success of your legal efforts.
Anywhere in Quebec.

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Our fields of expertise

Whether an engineer, physicist, metallurgist, chemist, technologist or any other specialist is needed, we regroup all the experts required to produce the technical and scientific information that you need..


Whether in the case of a timely intervention or a complex case needing many weeks of work, the flexibility of our team allows us to offer our services anytime, anywhere in Quebec. Throughout the years, our firm built a solid reputation to insurance companies, municipalities, lawyer firms, governmental organizations, as well as other actors involved in a loss following an accident.

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